Joseph B Walton for Virginia

I am Joseph B. Walton. I believe in limited government and personal freedom in the tradition and practice of Thomas Jefferson – socially inclusive, fiscally responsible.

My political activity is focused on advocating Virginia and America embrace a future of new societal and economic realities while maintaining the essential qualities which made Virginia and America models for the rest of the world in so many areas of civic life.

Raising a family in a country with emerging social and economic challenges and new pressures on our communities is a challenge and privilege I understand.  As I think about the future being handed to my daughters, I know I can’t stand idly by.

I am staying active in public policy areas to collaboratively work on the issues facing Virginia so we can move our nation, state, and diverse community forward, together. Furthermore, I am a “fiercely independent” voice to fight polarization and gridlock on intractable issues and gerrymandering by seeking ballot and voting reforms to increase the responsiveness of our democratic republic.

What does that mean?

  • America should have strong national defenses which judiciously protect US interests and allies around the world and which support an America as a welcoming force for good at home and abroad
  • Economic policies which support entrepreneurial and economic mobility for all Americans amidst rapid changes in society and technology
  • Responsible domestic policies which serve to create a country that effectively and sustainably uses its resources to maintain public services and infrastructure equitably for Virginia and for all Americans
  • Societal policies which fully support socio-economic realities and are equitably administered for all Americans

To further these goals, I will use this site and other media to add my voice to the debate about how best to represent the citizens of Virginia in public policy debates.  Please stay tuned.


Joseph B. Walton