Why am I seeking elected office?

  • Because I have the background and  experience – and a willingness to listen and continue learning – to represent all Virginians
  • Because I have the temperament to effectively serve the constituents of the 7th Congressional District as their advocate within the federal government
  • Because I have a sincere interest in working with others to effectively collaborate with fellow members of Congress, federal officials, and state and local representatives to achieve results on intractable public policy issues

How have I prepared to effectively work for Virginians?

  • Becoming involved in public and non-profit organizations that contribute positively to the community
  • Learning extensively about public policy, public administration, and politics over the course of my life
  • Staying well-informed from diverse sources of facts, grounded theory, and ethical journalism be able to make informed decisions

Guiding Principles

  • Good, happy, and equitable civic life for all Americans respecting socio-economic realities
  • Responsible leadership for Virginia and the United States through a fair and equitable economic system in a time of increasingly rapid changes in society and technology
  • Strong national defenses which judiciously protect US interests around the world and which support an America that is a welcoming force for good at home and abroad
  • Federal systems of government which serve to create a country that effectively and sustainably uses its resources to maintain public services and infrastructure fairly and equitably for all Americans

My Mission

To effectively lead Virginia and the United States to be the best democratic republican states they can be through personal dedication and thoughtful participation with all stakeholders to the civic process

My Conduct

  • Be optimistic
  • Be accessible
  • Be accountable
  • Be a responsible peer and colleague
  • Seek the experience of others to help innovate and corroborate theories and activities
  • Learning and discovering by questioning all points of view, determining a course of action, and taking it while monitoring implementation with an open mind to ensure effectiveness
  • I acknowledge I do not have all the answers, but I will take the initiative to become as informed as possible
  • I will respect democratic principles, individual freedoms, and professional expertise
  • I will respect professional expertise within the federal workforce and demand accountability
  • Do my utmost to make the 7th District, Virginia, and America a great place to live, work, visit, and immigrate

How will I accomplish these goals?

  • Being accessible to everyone and meeting and communicating regularly with peers and colleagues
  • Cooperating to get results
  • Fostering optimism and openness to affirm confidence among the Americans in the 7th Congressional District and fellow officials at the state and federal levels
  • Expressing myself and my beliefs in a consistent and reasonable manner
  • Remembering that I am working with intelligent, diverse, and concerned Americans and colleagues that expect to be dealt with fairly and openly