The Future

This page discusses specific issues which are rapidly changing society and the economy.  Elected leaders should be prepared to support American innovation and new technology while preparing America for the effects of it.

  • Technology Freedom
    • Net neutrality – I fully support net neutrality, corporations should not be able to selectively provide – for more or less cost – the internet to users.
    • Broadband access – the federal government has a responsibility to foster community and private sector deployment of broadband access for backbone and last mile.
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
    • The potential for blockchain is unlimited and will redefine socio-economic value and exchange.
    • I am a former Bitcoin miner and all around cryptocurrency HODLer.
    • My first public policy paper on cryptocurrency was in the fall of 2014 available on SSRN.  My predictions and exhortations in my original assessment of cryptocurrency and blockchain have become reality, they were:
      • U.S. legislators and regulators should:
        1. Exhort the safe and effective interaction with cryptocurrency by the general public
        2. Surveil and collaborate internationally on worldwide usage of cryptocurrencies generally and specifically for law enforcement needs
        3. Consider the benefits of precluding hegemony of any sovereign fiat currency from predominating (the) global economy(ies) by theorizing for a future global cryptocurrency
        4. Continue hearings at the federal and major subnational level
        5. Promote grants to the NSF, NIST, Federal Reserve or Higher Educational orgs to study, research and surveil cryptocurrency systems and their implementation
        6. Request of the Federal Reserve a study on converting the dollar to a fully digital currency
        7. Request of the Federal Reserve a study on the impact of other national currencies converting to digital currencies
        8. Request of the Internal Revenue Service further guidance with regard to the currency or asset status of cryptocurrencies
      • My dissertation is on societal factors for cryptocurrency use.
      • I have pending papers for academic journals on blockchain and cryptocurrency.
    • I also accept BTC donations!!
  • Self-driving Vehicles
    • Self-driving vehicles will change radically the employment base, land development patterns, and public and private sector institutions.
    • We should not ignore the positive benefits nor should we not prepare for the challenges autonomous vehicles will represent for current modes of thinking.
  • Drones
    • Drones have an unimaginable potential for disrupting the traditional economic thinking and many other areas.
    • Where we can already see differences in warfare from weapons delivery, the ability for drones to deliver mundane things will radically alter society even more.
    • We need to be careful how they are implemented and managed – their improvement should be embraced but their dangers mitigated with broad stakeholder involvement.
  • Renewable Energy
    • Earth doesn’t have enough energy sources to sustain indefinitely life as we know it.  The sun does, and so does the moon (tides).
    • America should lead the world on renewable energy research, manufacture, and deployment.
    • Nuclear energy, while not perfect, should continue to be a part of America’s energy production portfolio, as should coal.  However, sustainable production is paramount.
    • While market forces will continue to shape the sector for manufacture and deployment, publicly-funded research and economic incentives are important to develop new energy just as they have been for other sectors.
  • 3D Printing
    • The ability to print goods from shoes to houses will radically change society.
    • While there are many reasons to embrace 3D printing, there are reasons for which 3D printing will be challenging specifically related to the loss of jobs by those who 3D printing robots replace.